• Daily Collection of Google Maps Ratings

    Q4 2024

    Objective: Enable daily updates of ratings from Google Maps to provide users with real-time feedback and trends. Actions: Create a scheduled task that pulls rating data daily from Google Maps via the API. Expected Outcome: Users have access to up-to-date information, allowing for timely adjustments to their operational or marketing strategies.

  • Integration with Google My Business (GMB)

    Q1 2025

    Objective: Enable collection of reviews directly from Google Maps and facilitate response capabilities through the RVBoost platform. Actions: Develop and test API integrations with GMB to allow users to manage their listings and reviews. Expected Outcome: Users can manage their Google reviews directly within RVBoost, enhancing the efficiency of their reputation management.

  • Review Identification System

    Q1 2025

    Objective: Implement a system to track reviews submitted through RVBoost-provided links to evaluate campaign effectiveness. Actions: Develop algorithms to tag and trace reviews generated from specific promotional activities and links. Expected Outcome: Provide users with detailed analytics on the effectiveness of different review solicitation methods.

  • Competitor Ratings Collection

    Q2 2025

    Objective: Gather and display competitor ratings for comparative analysis and strategic planning. Actions: Develop functionalities to select competitors and automate the collection of their Google Maps ratings. Expected Outcome: Users can benchmark their performance against competitors, gaining insights into competitive positioning.

  • Search Position Tracking on Maps

    Q2 2025

    Objective: Implement a feature to track the positions of a business’s listings in Google Maps search results. Actions: Integrate tools to monitor and report the search rankings of users' business listings periodically. Expected Outcome: Users can understand and optimize their visibility on Google Maps, influencing user engagement and foot traffic.

  • Multiple Feedback Form Options

    Q3 2025

    Objective: Offer users the ability to create various feedback forms to collect more targeted and relevant customer insights. Actions: Design customizable templates and response scales (e.g., NPS, Likert scale) for different business needs and contexts. Expected Outcome: Users can fine-tune the feedback collection process, leading to higher quality data and more actionable insights.