How RVBOOST Works: Streamlining Customer Reviews with NFC and QR Codes

RVBOOST simplifies the customer review process by integrating NFC technology and QR codes into a seamless system designed to enhance customer interactions and feedback. This innovative approach is tailored for businesses of all types, including retail shops, restaurants, barbershops, and more, ensuring that gathering customer reviews is as simple as a tap.

Getting Started with NFC Technology

To begin using RVBOOST, businesses need to order customized NFC cards. Each card is linked to a unique URL which is also encoded into a QR code. This dual-feature allows for versatility in use, catering to customers who prefer different methods of interaction—either scanning a QR code or using the NFC tap functionality.

Link the Card to Your Location

Each NFC card is assigned to a specific location. Whether it's a single outlet or multiple branches of a restaurant, each card is programmed to reflect the specific location's details, ensuring that all customer feedback is accurately attributed and managed.

Engage Your Customers

Post-service or at the point of sale, administrators or staff should encourage customers to leave a review. By simply bringing the NFC card near a smartphone, the customer is automatically directed to the appropriate feedback page, making it easy and convenient for them to express their satisfaction or concerns.

Track Your Success

RVBOOST provides detailed statistics for each card, including tracking customer interactions through taps and scans. For businesses focused on deeper insights, activating the feedback collection form can help measure the Net Promoter Score (NPS), offering valuable data on customer satisfaction and areas for improvement.

Versatility in Marketing

The unique URL and QR code provided with each card are not only easy to use but can also be incorporated into various promotional materials. This flexibility enhances the visibility of your review system, making it accessible across different marketing platforms.

Simplify with a Tap

RVBOOST boils down the review process to a simple action—tap. This simplicity is designed to encourage higher engagement rates, leading to better visibility in search rankings and ultimately, enhanced business growth.


Embrace RVBOOST to transform the way you collect and manage customer feedback, paving the way for improved service, better customer relationships, and a stronger online presence.

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