How to Get Your Google Review Link

Obtaining your Google review link is straightforward, and there are several methods to do so, each fitting different stages of your business profile setup. This guide will cover three primary ways to retrieve and share your Google review link.

Option 1: Directly Through Google Search

  1. Sign Into Your Google Business Profile: Start by logging into your account where your business is registered.
  2. Search for Your Business: Use Google Search to find your business online. You'll see a link displaying the number of reviews your business has received.
  3. Access the Review Link: Click on the reviews link, then click the “Get more reviews” button displayed on the page.
  4. Copy and Share the Link: The link that appears is your unique Google review link. You can now copy this link and share it through various channels like SMS, email, WhatsApp, or Facebook to encourage reviews.

Option 2: Via Google Business Profile Manager.

  1. Login to Your Profile: Access your Google Business Profile Manager by logging in.
  2. Select Your Business: If you manage multiple businesses, select the one you wish to generate a review link for.
  3. Navigate to Sharing Options: Scroll down and find the “Share your Business Profile” option.
  4. Obtain and Use Your Link: Here, your specific Google review link will be available. You can copy this to clipboard to share as needed on any digital platform to promote reviews.

Option 3: Using Place ID Finder

  1. Visit the Place ID Finder: Go to the Place ID Finder on the Google Maps developer platform.
  2. Search for Your Business: Enter your business name in the search bar.
  3. Copy the Place ID: Once your business details appear, copy the Place ID—a unique identifier consisting of numbers and letters.
  4. Create Your Review Link: Paste this ID into the following URL format at the designated place:[your-specific-place-id-here]

Each of these methods provides a practical way to access your Google review link, facilitating the growth of your online reputation by making it easier for customers to leave reviews. Whether your business is already verified or still in the process, these steps will help you enhance your visibility and credibility on Google.